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The AI I Should Look for in a TOS

Terminals have the dual duty to assess their overall business operations to depict any flaws and evaluate the best fit terminal operating system that can combat these hotspots. The era of terminals taking a crucial point in the global supply chain is fast approaching, and terminal operators may be facing circumstances that are outside their […]

AI in Terminals

What does AI mean for Terminals? In this current era, existing processes and available resources which cannot efficiently or immediately meet operational demands, has become the incentive for terminal operating systems to expand their field into alternative technologies. As a result, AI has become quite the common buzz word, sparking opportunities for the Container Handling […]

Breaking Down Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Technologies that adopt various characteristics of human intelligence and behavior are typically referred to as Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is the study of agents that analyze their surroundings to create plans and accomplish the best decision after accounting for both retrospective and current percepts. AI is a construct using two […]

Terminals at the Root of the Economy

Current Landscape The global supply chain can be alluded to as a network, branching out and connecting several other nodes. Namely, international trade and technological advancements are the underlying sources which influence the overall landscape – extending from the global supply chain to globalization and the entire economy. These two driving forces have formed a […]

Types of Optimization

Terminal optimization is segregated into divisions that are allocated different roles and responsibilities. Optimization in the Container Handling Industry is conceived due to terminals experiencing various bottlenecks when vessels berth at the port, inefficient yard planning affecting container movement, the disarray of CHE instructions causing congestion, and poor management of resources which fail to maximize […]

Terminal Optimization

Terminal optimization may be easily definable as a terminal operating system that devises intelligent capabilities which facilitate more efficient operations and processes. However, this explanation provides a very basic understanding of optimization and confines it from its complex nature. All planning, instructions, and decisions made within a terminal can be optimized, and therefore, is inclusive […]

Cloud Technology – Are you really in control?

Reference: Huynh, L 2019, ‘Cloud Technology – are you really in control?’, World Port Development, June 2019, pp. 38-41. Technological advancement is a perpetual trend that precipitates a revolution and heavily influences the way industries operate. Strenuous and mundane everyday tasks have become the central concern acting as a catalyst for innovation. Cloud computing is an […]