TCIT Celebrates 10-year Anniversary of Founding Ceremony

Tan Cang International Terminal (TCIT) had just held their 10th anniversary of the founding ceremony on 19 September 2019. Over the past decade, the terminal has achieved astounding milestones and is now renowned as the “largest deep-water port in Vietnam.” Proactivity in responding to the changing industry environments and increasing consumer demand has guided their development, advancements, and innovation. As a result, TCIT has managed to curate multiple successes and prosper from maintaining its competitive edge. Some remarkable accomplishments of 2019 highlight:

  • A new record of 207.36 containers/hour for loading and unloading in Vietnam’s port industry
  • Established the most significant number ever of handling 9,947 TEU per container ship in Vietnam Maritime Industry
  • Welcomed over 3,500 mother ships and managed beyond 8,700,000 containers through the port, becoming the port with the most service routes
  • Annual average growth of 27% in output, asserting the leading position in Cai Mep – Thi Vai area with a market share of almost 60%

As always, RBS would like to commend TCIT for these accomplishments and look forward to seeing further growth.