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RBS provides upgraded TOS to Klaipedos Smelte terminal

Realtime Business Solutions has announced a Terminal Operating System upgrade to the Klaipedos Smelte container terminal in Lithuania.

Klaipedos Smelte noted that it is replacing its current TOPS Advanced system from RBS with the improved TOPS Expert solution from the same supplier.

TOPS Expert, the terminal operating system, reportedly provides a comprehensive suite of terminal management capabilities, including enhanced operations optimisation, yard management, vessel management, berth management, crane allocation, container handling equipment management, gate management, reporting, financial system interfaces, and gate operation.

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The Smelte terminal intends to employ new TOPS Expert services such as autonomous vessel planning and increased pooling to make better use of equipment. Additional features will be incorporated as part of the upgrading project.

TOPS Experts’ web-based equipment control system was deployed last year in a hybrid arrangement that ran alongside the existing TOPS Advanced EC, allowing yard staff to utilise the new system concurrently.

This has decreased the migration risks and training requirements for the primary migration project.

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Linas Miceika, Operations Director, said: “We have been satisfied with the functioning of TOPS and the customer-oriented collaboration with the RBS team for many years. With the new system, we are technologically well prepared for our further growth and new technologies. The migration is taking place step by step. Our team is making utmost efforts to be fully prepared for the new system.”

Following commissioning, the terminal intends to test the newest TOPX Intelligent 3D module from RBS, which introduces new Human Super Intelligence technology that reportedly incorporates a digital counterpart directly into the TOS.