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How severe is the impact of COVID-19 in our industry?

The global supply chain is becoming victim of the pandemic. Take a look at the sectors most impacted by the crisis and the challenges they currently face.

Cloud TOS Proving the Power of Working from Home

The global pandemic is undermining traditional TOS environments and how it must change to withstand in future unprecedented events.

RBS Announcement

The pandemic has affected the health of loves ones, businesses we depend on, and crippled the health of the economy. We want to address some changes and remind that this disruption does not change our care for you.


The COVID-19 outbreak has gained enormous momentum over the past couple of months, and the global supply chain is becoming victim of the pandemic. The world is changing drastically during this unprecedented time, forcing shipping lines, truck companies, and terminals into a scramble searching for preemptive strategies to fight the uncertain future.

Crippled by governments around the world, enforcing preventative measures to contain the outbreak has affected all sectors of the logistics and container handling industry. Areas most impacted by the crisis are:


COVID-19 has taught nations across the globe valuable lessons. Countries at the frontline have tested their strategies while others trailing behind have learned from their leads and refined their approach to obstruct the same mistakes from occurring. The one priority that remains unanimous in every country’s decision is protecting the health and well-being of individuals. With many isolated at home, port and terminal operations are at a standstill. As a result, Cloud TOS solutions are true testaments reminding the economy it can still operate despite the events of COVID-19 shackling industries.

Given the infectious nature of the virus, Cloud TOS’ offering flexibility to work from anywhere is no longer a novel idea. Terminal operators could consider it as a viable alternative to contain the spread but also sustain the supply chain. The speed and scale of the outbreak could expedite the use of Cloud TOS in the future and lead an increase in automation equipment adoption. Practice preventative measures with the Cloud TOS since it offers:

It’s a crucial time to start instilling safe practices for healthy wellbeing and sustainable economy. When a catastrophe of this magnitude brings immediate attention and forces restructuring, it’s not entirely impossible or too late to leverage control before it entirely implodes.


It is a dark time for nations worldwide, and while the impending recession may be occupying the forefronts of our mind, we most importantly, at RBS, want to wish you all are well and healthy. The build-up of events over the past months has addressed the significance of maintaining good health and well-being. As we all continue to steer through these unprecedented challenges, we want you to know that RBS is here for you.

With recent disruptions regarding COVID-19, Australia has entered the second stage of lock down. If the situation worsens, the Australian government may institute tighter restrictions which may also force us to close our office. However, please rest assured our loyal customers, as we will still offer essential services on-demand via RBS 24×7 hotline and support for showstopper events.

Please take care and if you have any concerns, do not hesitate to send your message through.