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Their innovative technology has facilitated RBS in exercising their Automation solution which has remarkably improved operational efficiency for currently four terminals worldwide. This strong liaison is built on both companies sharing the same pragmatic and prospective outlook that persists in expanding on capabilities and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Three existing terminals, Petikemas Semarang, Kuala Tanjung, and Prima Terminal Petikemas, have acquired the automation module which implements Automated Rubber Tired Gantries (ARTG) to conduct container move operations. Konecranes provides automatic machinery which interfaces with RBS TOPS to deliver the highest level of degree in safety, precision, and efficiency when moving containers within the terminal.

Achieving the same outcomes, Terminal Teluk Lamong has installed multiple Automatic Stacking Cranes (ASC) in their terminal to lift containers from shore to vessel, and vice versa. Konecranes facilitates these operations by providing the ASC which is interfaced and steered by RBS TOPS. Together, both technologies function in unison to achieve optimal efficiency through an increased move rate. The most significant benefit that emerges from installing an ASC within a terminal is that it can continue its operations even after terminal trading hours.