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SmartTrack to the future with RBS TOS

Realtime Business Solutions (RBS) are the pioneers in delivering proven and state-of-the-art solutions for all marine terminals worldwide. The latest breakthrough introduces SmartTrack as a powerful new feature integrated into TOPX TOS, setting the new path for terminals which resolves all areas of inefficiency.

SmartTrack is an incredible tool factoring time, distance and speed to determine the shortest route to move a container from one location to another. However, the function solves the bigger picture. Straddle carriers, trailers, and reach stackers are constantly moving around the yard and are typically given the simple work instructions to transport a container from one block to another. Without SmartTrack, there are indefinite route possibilities to reach their assigned destination, and therefore, the equipment travels more than necessary. When the resources exhausted are placed into retrospect, the amount of equipment active in a terminal can total to thousands, and the amount of fuel required multiplied by the days tells that the terminal is suffering dearly annually.

SmartTrack is critical for a terminal concerned with cost factors, working towards a green terminal, reducing fuel, and increasing overall efficiency. It is the solution for terminals as it:

  • Increases efficiency – Optimum route for equipment is executed as containers are moved within the shortest distance, and provided precise directions to reach the destination, achieving maximum productivity of all CHEs.
  • Cost-efficient – SmartTrack protects CHEs against wear and tear, maintaining their value, and reducing maintenance and repair costs.
  • Optimum Performance – SmartTrack maps the best and shortest path, tracking all CHE moves and time taken to complete a path, and therefore, achieves maximum traceability to pinpoint when and where a problem can occur.
  • Hemat waktu – No leeway for error or miscalculation since route incorporates every factor from time, speed to distance.
  • Berkelanjutan secara lingkungan – Massive savings from lessened fuel consumption due to optimum route calculation, which also lowers carbon emissions. With SmartTrack, it is a huge step towards greener terminals.
  • Heightens Safety – SmartTrack tracks movement in real-time, alerting the CHE operator counteractive directions needed to get back on the correct path. Eliminates all guessing which inherently decreases the number of potential accidents from occurring.
  • Congestion Control – Determines and forecasts exact areas experiencing bottlenecks which assists in the yard and resource planning.

“Congestion generates huge financial and environmental losses every year and I fear that terminals are missing the chance to leverage the results they deserve,” says Harry, CEO of RBS. Are you seeing all the above?