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RBS and Emerson share the same vision and recognize the importance of protecting temperature-sensitive cargo during transportation. As a result, RBS has integrated its popular product REFCON 6 into its TOPS. RBS chooses to work with Emerson since REFCON 6 can automatically track an entire vessel or container terminal. Its control is made simple and easy whereby communication between an operator and each reefer container can take place 24/7, ensuring cargo is never left unattended and that all data is recorded and documented for safekeeping.

Both terminals, FOS2XL and LCT Lomé, currently utilize RBS TOPS with REFCON 6 system integrated into their TOS. Enhanced visibility derived from installing REFCON 6 into their TOS, as terminal operators harness greater control due to the capability of examining every single move in the present as well as in retrospect. Reefer container positions can, therefore, be accurately depicted right when the container is on the vessel before its arrival until it departs the terminal and is onto another vessel.