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Người dẫn đầu trong các giải pháp TOS

Kể từ năm 1991, RBS đã và vẫn đang cung cấp các dịch vụ và sản phẩm CNTT cho Ngành Xếp dỡ Công-te-nơ và Đường sắt, đã phát triển Hệ thống ứng dụng Phần mềm Hiện đại rất cụ thể cho Ngành Xếp dỡ Công-te-nơ. Chúng tôi đã thực hiện nhiều cài đặt TOPS thành công, giúp các thiết bị đầu cuối trên toàn thế giới đạt được sự đổi mới và tăng trưởng. Ứng dụng này, giải pháp Hệ thống vận hành đầu cuối TOPS đã được cài đặt tại các hoạt động Xếp dỡ container ở Úc, Brazil, Ai Cập, Pháp, Đức, Indonesia, Ý, Nhật Bản, Lithuania, New Zealand, Panama, Romania, Đài Loan, Togo và Việt Nam.


Chúng tôi đã thực hiện cài đặt thành công trên toàn thế giới.


Thành công của bạn, Cam kết của chúng tôi

During the whole project, RBS and the local team from RBS EMEA has shown great dedication to us as a customer and also our main shareholder TIL. Also in difficult times and when hitting bumps on the road of such a project, there has always been a team spirit.

Seayard Terminal

At TIL, we know TOPS as a functional, reliable and performing TOS that is ready for the far and near future due to its exceptional software architecture and roadmap.

Klaipedos Smelte Terminal

Thank you, RBS, your product, and services provided are unparalleled, and we have yet to witness better. It’s a pleasure working with you, and we look forward to the continued benefits of using TOPS Automation module to operate our ARTGs.

TPKS Terminal

We are glad that we chose RBS TOPS for our terminal operating system as it has helped us break records and has been the main pillar of our terminal success.

Tan Cang - Cai Mep International Terminal (TCIT)

Last year, our TOPX Advance uptime reached 99.9% already surpass our standard uptime in our Terminal. And our equipment performance at the STS is 27 moves per hour.

PT Terminal Teluk Lamong

Being the largest container terminal in Vietnam at the moment, we have grown from an annual throughput of 1.6M TEUs to well over 3.8M TEUs last year with current daily gate operation exceeding 10,000 trucks in/out of the terminal.

Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP)

We are very happy to share our good experience of more than 15 years with RBS products and services to any terminal in the world. RBS TOPS has been implemented in our 3 terminals in Taichung, Kaohsiung and Tokyo with great results. The unique real-time architecture of TOPS with rich functionalities, high reliability, performance has supported and improved our daily operation in our terminals. Furthermore, TOPS was implemented smoothly with our ARMG automation system in Tokyo with great success where ARMGs have achieved the maximum equipment hourly performance. From our viewpoint, RBS has excellent TOPS products and with great potentials…

Wan Hai Terminals (WHL)

Chang Fa Wei - General Director

PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (Indonesia) installed the RBS TOPO/TOPX terminal operating system in 1999. Since that time it has proved to be a most stable system fully meeting our requirements to operate a container terminal handling in excess of 1 million TEUs per annum. We have found the back up service offered by RBS to be both timely and efficient and any program modifications we have required have been quickly executed. We are happy to demonstrate our usage of the system to any interested party.

PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya

David P Montgomery - Vice President Director

Colon Container Terminal (CCT) Panama installed TOPX in 1998. TOPX is a stable system and fulfills our operation requirement, CCT reached 806,183 TEUs in 2005, and we are also pleased with very good response and consistent services provided by RBS during many years. We are happy to share our good experience with other party.

Colon Container Terminal (CCT)

Gene C.H. Chen - Computer Department

The TOPS software from RBS was installed at TPKS Semarang (Indonesia) in March 2005. The system’s comprehensive functionality and the totally integrated nature of the software allows us to quickly and efficiently record and manage all aspects of container movements through the terminal, it has increased productivity and enhanced the delivery of services to our customers. The automatic linking of yard activity and vessel container movements to the billing system has resulted in a much faster turn around of the billing and has improved the terminal’s cash flow. The workers have responded to the system well and are satisfied with its performance and its fast response time, it is easy to use and has the flexibility required for them to carry out their tasks and any exception handling required. The system has been very reliable, which is an important requirements for this mission critical system at our terminal.

TPKS Semarang

Udaranto P.H - General Manager

Bowport Allroads Transport (BPA) commenced using the TOPS software at the Macarthur Intermodal Shipping Terminal (MIST) in 2001 and it has become an integral part of our business. This software enables BPA to quickly and efficiently manage its trucking fleet to best meet the clients needs. The design of pop-up prompts for critical checks on different job applications is paramount in efficient and correct job booking and truck allocations…

Bowport Allroads Transport

Craig McKay - Terminal Manager