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Essentially TOPS Expert is similar to TOPS Advance but with just more features and benefits for you!

TOPS Expert will be the platform for future innovations driving forward on areas like integrated AI, Business Intelligence used for prediction and many more features for years to come. So join us to discover the future.

What's similar?

SOP – Standards Operation Procedure

Same business processes

Same amazing features for yard and berth container management

Intuitive user interface

Useful statistics

What's different?

TOPS Advance TOPS Expert
Summary statistics - block, container, truck transfer area, vessel operation, and rail operation
Dynamic charts, pivot charts, and new metrics to measure CHE performance
CHE control center
Trailer pooling for EC, Smart Track, and advance CHE strategy planning
Vessel Maintenance
Task scheduler, berth optimization, and auto berth and vessel load planning
Yard Consolidation, Allocation Filter Editor, and Yard Strategy
Automatic and optimum yard management

Change has never been easier

Painless open integration with any third party software, with the ability to integrate with TIC 4.0 Standard Interfaces.

Seamless streamline transition

Reduce time and resources for significant retraining

Same team, building our relationship

Reduce administrative & other costs

Maintain a competitive edge

Transferable functions – CRs and existing interfaces

Maintain valuable data from existing system

The Migration - Step by Step

1. Choose TOPS Expert

2. Plan for Migration

3. Execute Migration

4. User Training

5. Deliver Migration

6. Ongoing Support

Join us and be part of the future.

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