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Automation – Work Smarter Not Harder

The expansive nature of technological advancements has made automation possible, creating a frenzy for all stakeholders in the Container Handling Industry. An increase in vessel sizes has engendered the realization that operations can no longer be handled effectively and economically without incorporating any automation. This revolutionizing technology has transformed conventional terminal operations and developed a large reception due to its ability to induce greater efficiencies in operations as a result of minimal to none human intervention.

Reduced capital expenditure and costs of labor are predominant factors contributing to the increasing adoption rate in terminals. Terminals are leveraging the benefits of automation to accelerate their initiatives in optimizing operations which inherently:

  • Increases Operational Efficiency
    If a true AI planning function is integrated into the TOS to operate in conjunction with the automated machinery, the output produced will be of higher accuracy and greater agility. This removes a significant number of possibilities in human errors as well as delays, and therefore, increases safety. Transparency and consistency escalate in simultaneity with automation as every container move is tracked and recorded, facilitating better management and control of resources which improves overall operational productivity.
  • Reduces Costs
    All operations regarding the handling of containers from berth to yard and vice versa can be fully or partially automated. Nevertheless, if automation is implemented into a terminal, up to 45%, less personnel are required on the field which drastically cuts labor costs. Terminal operators can optimize their remaining resources and invest in other business strategies to fulfill their business objectives and requirements.
  • Increases Environmental Sustainability
    Carbon emissions drastically decline in response to automation due to less fuel consumption. Sustainable resource control is, therefore, heightened which prolongs the life of the Container Handling Equipment (CHEs).
  • Enhances ROI
    Fully automated terminals can operate throughout the entire night without any supervision, generating higher turnover rates and hence, increases revenue.
  • Faster Turnover Rate
    As a result of automation, CHEs execute container operations with extreme precision which guarantees no delays when containers are moved following its arrival or departure.

Furthermore, depending on the Terminal Operating System (TOS), the automation module can be flexible and adapt to business goals as well as requirements such that terminals have the freedom to choose which operations and processes to automate.