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Offers real-time control and planning capabilities to manage the entire terminal operational spectrum.

It is time you start seeing results.

Based on the positive consolidated feedback from clients, constant development, and innovative ideas, RBS is proudly introducing the latest version of the ‘TOPS’ TOS Application, TOPS Expert. This newly improved and highly advanced system focuses on implementing an even more powerful system architecture. TOPS Expert follows with a great set of additional features building on the success of TOPS Advance. RBS is offering the only true real-time TOS on the market with new functionalities such as automatic search and quick navigation of the system.

DISCOVER What RBS has to offer

  • Quick and Powerful Search Features
  • Charts for Tracking Performance
  • Enhanced GUI for Better CHE Planning
  • Tackles Bottlenecks and Congestion
  • Forecast Resources and Workflow
  • Improved GUI for Vessel Workflow
  • Global Keyboard Accelerators
  • Dynamic Charts
  • Advanced CHE Strategy Planning
  • Advanced Yard Strategy
  • AI Berth Optimization
  • Auto Real-time Vessel Planning
  • Streamlines Planning Process
  • Improve Management and Monitoring
  • Optimize Resources
  • Streamlines Yard Consolidation Moves
  • Reduces Costs and Errors
  • Streamlines Vessel Operations

This Terminal Operating System (TOS) is embedded with true real-time control and planning capabilities as well as an in-memory architecture. The proven TOPS Expert solution is renowned for its performance, innovative technology, and reliability within the Container Handling Industry. Its system architecture is further enhanced with the integration of newly improved technology which offer a range of terminal management capabilities by analyzing ‘Big Data.’ A few of the main ones include:

  • Operations Optimization

    Planning achieves maximum efficiency and accuracy by using real-time data which facilitates operation streamline.

  • EDI Information Management

    Effectively interprets all EDI to ensure all planning is executed with accuracy and precision.

  • Vessel Planning & Management

    Everything included from planning to executing is covered in Vessel Management; prior to vessel arrival as well as after its departure.

  • AI Berth Planning

    Automatically solves the most complex planning issues to streamline the process and mitigate all chances of errors.

  • CHE Automation

    Successfully interfaces with ARTGs, ASCs, ARMGs, AGVs, STS, etc. in true real-time to always perform optimally.

  • Rail Operation Management

    Efficiently manages all types of rail operations within a terminal from the initial construction and scheduling to planning.

  • Container Information Management

    Handles masses of data within a sophisticated system architecture, ensuring that security, efficiency, and reliability is reinforced at all times.

  • Yard Planning & Management

    Yard strategy incorporates intelligence and real-time automatic planning to facilitate precise container allocation.

  • Berth Management

    Automatic planning resolving the most complex issues inconceivable by the human brain achieves berth optimization and reduces congestion.

  • CHE Management & Optimization

    Expert CHE strategy incorporates intelligence and real-time processing to facilitate optimization, equipment planning, dispatch, and control.

  • Truck & Gate Management

    Effectively maintains all in-gate and out-gate truck operations, providing coverage in all truck movements and the containers processed.

  • Chart Statistics

    Measure performance and heighten operational visibility to ensure terminal objectives are closely monitored and are always met.

Furthermore, the TOPS package also includes a management information dashboard and a monitoring tool, together with the fully integrated TOPS KPI functionality. The TOPS Expert Cloud package covers the entire operational spectrum, as it is derived from the components, TOPX Expert Cloud (operation system) and TOPO Expert Cloud (foundation system).

Big Data

RBS has also integrated new heuristic algorithms, which enable the system to, e.g., perform data handling using ‘Big Data’ analysis

Reporting Tool

A PDF capable reporting tool has been integrated into the TOS, as well as a standard export interface to programs such as Microsoft Excel. This applies to the new foundation TOPO Expert, as well as to the operational module TOPX Expert

Automated Berth Planning

In addition to that, a new automated berth planning feature is included in the TOPX Expert version which primarily aims to set the standard for efficient operations


The benefits of TOPS Expert are limitless.


Big Data Analysis

TOPS Expert manages and processes ‘Big Data’ for the new automated berth planning feature to ensure optimum berth planning of all vessels at any and the same time.

New Automated Search

TOPS Expert has incorporated a comprehensive and valuable search function which considers all available sources of information to deliver results faster than ever.

Quicker Navigation

TOPS Expert is bringing a brand new design onto your screens which is easier to use, presenting the most relevant information in a simple and easy-to-use layout.

Internet of Things (IoT) Capable

TOPS Expert connects a network of terminal equipment, devices, and system to support a variety of remote positioning protocol like RFID and DGPS (can be used for automation).

Increase Efficiency & Productivity

TOPS Expert introduces a new and holistic optimization approach for the entire equipment usage, analyzing all available data on a true real-time basis.

Enhance Your Customer Service

TOPS Expert offers the best, most capable, and user-friendly tool for terminal operators to satisfy customer requirements while optimizing the use of their resources.

Increase Revenue

Introducing the new TOPS Expert resource optimization and reverse engineering techniques which offer significant cost savings for the terminal operator.

Operational Visibility

TOPS Expert intuitive user interface supports real-time planning, monitoring, and forecasting abilities, allowing terminals to respond and plan for situations quickly.

Improve Decision Making

The real-time user interface along with the advanced technology used to manage Big Data allows for faster decision making for more efficient terminal operations.

Increase Business Value

Increase the value of your business with the TOPS Expert solution, since its state-of-the-art software architecture offers true real-time control and planning capabilities which optimize operations, reduce costs, and therefore, enhances customer service.

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