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Everything you need to achieve success.

Despite the already vast features of TOPS Expert Cloud & Enterprise provide, RBS has invested in the development of various optional modules to cater for any terminal’s needs. 


Easily and automatically monitor your terminal's expenses

Container Freight Station (CFS)

Harness greater control in container planning

Report Designer

Freely create reports to suit your requirements

Web Report Server

Complete control over report design and structure

Vehicle Booking System (VBS)

Experience enhanced efficiency in yard operations

Gate Operating System (GOS)

Optimize gate traffic flow like never before

Truck Appointment

Optimize gate traffic flow to mitigate congestion

Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)

Takes terminal automation to incredible new heights

Reefer Monitoring System (RMS)

Enhances container monitoring and control

Web Service Interface with Third-Party Software

Easily customizable to suit all terminals and their existing software