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Rail Terminal

Everything you need in one

One system. Everything you need.

The search for a TOS which fulfills the scope of your terminal is finally here. TOPS Expert can scale to create a custom fit solution, offering advanced features and functionality to execute rail operations.

Modules for rail terminal solution

The power you have.

The TOS already comes with the following modules, offering incredible and smart technologies to control rail operations.

  • Container Handling

    • EDI message handling
    • Full Container
    • Empty Container
    • Reefer Container
    • Transshipment Container
    • Stuff and Strip Container
    • TOS can handle up to 100M TEUs per terminal

  • Yard Management

    • Yard Editor
    • Yard Planning
    • Expert Yard Management
    • Reverse Engineering Yard Strategy
    • Yard Optimization
    • Planning Consolidation
    • Yard Auto Consolidation

  • Equipment Control

    • Advanced Equipment Control (EC)
    • Equipment Operations and Statistics (RTG, STR, RMG, RST, HHT)
    • CHE Automation (ARTG/ASC/ARMG/AGV, etc.)
    • Automated Equipment Control (EC)
    • Expert CHE Strategy
    • CHE Strategy Optimization
    • WI Optimization
    • SmartTrack</

  • Rail/Train Operations

    • Rail Operational Management
    • Rail Planning and Scheduling
    • Rail Editor
    • Train Maintenance
    • Train Enquiry forms

Additional Recommended Modules

The flexibility you need.

Today's Terminal Operator wants the flexibility to build their own solution. Create the TOS that fits your objectives and requirements.


    • Container Handling Equipment (CHE) Performance
    • Discharge/Load Operations
    • Yard Activity
    • Truck Activity

  • TOPS Optional Modules

    • Container Freight Station (CFS)
    • Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)
    • Reefer Monitoring Integration
    • Report Server & Report Designer
    • More TOPS Optional Modules

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At TIL, we know TOPS as a functional, reliable and performing TOS that is ready for the far and near future due to its exceptional software architecture and roadmap.

Rail Terminal Case Study

Terminal Invested Limited (TIL) Klaipedos Smelte


  • Transhipment hub in the Baltic region
  • Smelte is an integral part of the feeder network connected with the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Bremerhaven, and Hamburg
  • This terminal provides multiple services in the Klaipeda port including, handling and storage of containers; CFS services; heavy-lift, project cargo and packed cargo.
  • The terminal conducts Rail, Truck and Vessel operations and use equipment of  STS, RTG, harbour cranes, reach stackers and terminal tractors in their daily operations.
  • For more information visit SMELTE website


  • TOPS Advance
    • TOPX
    • TOPO
    • EDI


  • 81% growth in container volume
  • Quay cranes have achieved greater than 22 MPH 
  • Largest Vessel operation of 19, 462 TEUs
  • Started off with 38,000 TEUs and currently, the container throughput surpasses 400,000 TEUs

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