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Truck Terminal

Everything you need in one

One system. Everything you need.

We are purposely offering flexible modules, so you have the power to create the best fitted TOS for your requirements. TOPS Expert comes equipped with the best functionalities and capabilities for Truck terminals to fulfill your goals.

Modules for truck terminal solution

The power you have.

The TOS already comes with the following modules, offering incredible and smart technologies to control truck terminal operations.

  • Container Handling

    • EDI message handling
    • Full Container
    • Empty Container
    • Reefer Container
    • Transshipment Container
    • Stuff and Strip Container
    • TOS can handle up to 100M TEUs per terminal

  • Yard Management

    • Yard Editor
    • Yard Planning
    • Expert Yard Management
    • Reverse Engineering Yard Strategy
    • Yard Optimization
    • Planning Consolidation
    • Yard Auto Consolidation

  • Equipment Control

    • Advanced Equipment Control (EC)
    • Equipment Operations and Statistics (RTG, STR, RMG, RST, HHT)
    • CHE Automation (ARTG/ASC/ARMG/AGV, etc.)
    • Automated Equipment Control (EC)
    • Expert CHE Strategy
    • CHE Strategy Optimization
    • WI Optimization
    • SmartTrack</

  • Truck Operations

    • In/Out Gate
    • Truck Delivery/Receival
    • Truck Appointment
    • Vehicle Booking System (VBS)
    • Gate Operating System (GOS)

Additional Recommended Modules

The flexibility you need.

Today's Terminal Operator wants the flexibility to build their own solution. Create the TOS that fits your objectives and requirements.


    • Container Handling Equipment (CHE) Performance
    • Discharge/Load Operations
    • Yard Activity
    • Truck Activity

  • TOPS Optional Modules

    • Container Freight Station (CFS)
    • Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)
    • Reefer Monitoring Integration
    • Report Server & Report Designer
    • More TOPS Optional Modules


The implementation process was supplied at an excellent standard, especially by their quality team and services who were present and readied to help at every step of the way. It is evident that they are unswerving of their vision and values; strictly abiding by their customer-centric approach, ensuring that all our performance targets, as well as business objective demands, were met at the end of every phase.

Truck Terminal Case Study

Pelindo III Terminal Petikemas Semarang (TPKS)


  • Semarang Terminal was the Brownfield Terminal and is the first semi-automatic ARTG terminal in Indonesia and in the world
  • TPKS is the second-largest container terminal in the Pelindo III Group in the Central Java region
  • Goal of the terminal was to phase out manual RTG operations with new ARTG yard blocks
  • For more information visit Pelindo III TPKS website 


  • TOPX Advance with Automation modules


  • RBS TOS provides a seamless real-time interface with automatic equipment: ARTG and RFID at various locations in the yard
  • RBS TOS provides TPKS with the capabilities to enable ARTG to load/unload truck/trailer on the side of the stack with gate in/out access control
  • ARTG performance is between 19 MPH per ARTG
  • STS performance is 39 MPH per Crane

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