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Truck Terminal

One system. Everything you need.

We are purposely offering flexible modules, so you have the power to create the best fitted TOS for your requirements. TOPS Expert comes equipped with the best functionalities and capabilities for Truck terminals to fulfill your goals.

These facilities are served as terminals for trucking companies operating in various parts of a country, providing temporary storage for cargo and containers; to plan operations; and take care of maintenance and repairs.



Container Data Management

Truck Planning & Scheduling


Yard Management, Consolidation, Planning & Scheduling

Equipment Contol

Truck Operation & Management


Case Study: TPKS Pelindo III Terminal


  • Semarang Terminal was the Brownfield Terminal and is the first semi-automatic ARTG terminal in Indonesia and in the world
  • TPKS is the second-largest container terminal in the Pelindo III Group in the Central Java region
  • Goal of the terminal was to phase out manual RTG operations with new ARTG yard blocks
  • For more information visit Pelindo III TPKS website 


  • TOPX Advance with Automation modules


  • RBS TOS provides a seamless real-time interface with automatic equipment: ARTG and RFID at various locations in the yard
  • RBS TOS provides TPKS with the capabilities to enable ARTG to load/unload truck/trailer on the side of the stack with gate in/out access control
  • ARTG performance is between 19 MPH per ARTG
  • STS performance is 39 MPH per Crane

Case Study: SMELTE Terminal

Case Study: SMELTE Terminal

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