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Cloud technology is offering terminals an all-in-one solution that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime simply through a web browser. RBS discovered its potential, integrating cloud capabilities and characteristics into our latest TOS, TOPS Expert Cloud. 


There are no limits with the cloud.

​Embedding cloud characteristics into TOS capabilities offer a platform open to limitless possibilities. With TOPS Expert Cloud, future innovation will be integrated easily, and will no longer be complicated as it will exist as an add-on module. You will not need to transform your entire IT infrastructure, which may overall be a cost-intensive process. It’s helpful knowing that you’re prepared for the future so you’re a step ahead of your peers. With the cloud TOS, you’re 5 steps ahead.

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Primary Benefits of a Cloud TOS

Easily Scalable

Users can increase infrastructure capacity relative to their business growth, offering increased flexibility.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Users can view and manage data on any device with Internet access.

Reduced Costs

Extremely affordable due to no infrastructure, maintenance and CAPEX costs required when moving to a cloud based software.

Updated Software

Cloud software can provide users with new updates of the latest software immediately.

Efficient Disaster Recovery

Data is safe and secure as it is continuously backed-up, so in the event of a disaster data can be easily recovered.

Lower Risk

Lower cost of adoption and non-lock-in contract means that cloud software reduce the risk for your business.

Seamless Integration & Rapid Deployment

Reduce implementation by switching to a cloud based software with minimal training and setting up required.

Increased Control

When you share the responsibility of IT infrastructure maintenance not only do you free the workload but experience an increase in cost savings which can be invested towards bigger goals.

Data Security

Due to strict ISO standards, encryption and strict security enforcement at data centers, cloud computing has improved in information security.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Moving your entire IT infrastructure onto the cloud eliminates the amount of on-premise hardware needed. As a result, energy usage significantly drops which mitigates your impact on the environment.

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