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Introducing the new TOPX Intelligent 3D

TOPX Intelligent_v3

In the past years RBS have been putting great focus on researching and designing new modules and features for our TOS. We have added new and improved AI features such as: Realtime The Digital Twin / Reality 3D Application; Intelligent Equipment Control system; true coordinates to felicitate real-time distance calculation/congestion control; improved GUI and enhanced yard management features. These new product features were on display at TOC Europe 2023 this year at our booth and we are excited to start offering these to our customers.

Our latest product TOPX Intelligent 3D incorporates many features including 3D Digital twin reality, IoT, Cloud, Automation, AI and Integration. And all these technologies. The latest features of this system are never to be seen before in the market and are unique to our TOS. We pride ourselves in being a technological leader, providing our customers with the best and latest software for the container handling industry.

At RBS we believe that the market is constantly hungry for new innovative ideas and new technology, to face the new arising challenges in ports and terminals. Therefore, we are constantly researching and developing the best possible products for our customers with this in mind. We have seen real-life applications of machine learning in terminal planning and decision-making, as well as automation operating on a cloud TOS. With our future and further developments with our latest product we have taken everything into consideration and to the next level. Be one of the first to see our latest product at the upcoming TOC Asia in Singapore 2022.