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TOPX Intelligent
3D - digital twin

The intelligent digital twin for both manual and automated terminals

TOPX Intelligent 3D is much more than just an average digital twin, in fact, the digital twin is just a small component that makes up this innovative product. It combines the digital twin concept with actual operational and executional features to bring vast & unique benefits to terminals.

TOPX Intelligent 3D also has super intelligent capabilities which allow it to predict and resolve incoming problems. Hence, it becomes a tool to optimize, perfect and boost a terminal’s performance in completely new ways. This will undoubtedly revolutionize the industry and bring terminals into a new age

Not just a digital twin

Benefits of TOPX Intelligent 3D

This groundbreaking technology will be sure to bring massive benefits to a terminal. It can improve almost every part of the operation, which in the end will improve the business prospects of any terminal. 

How TOPX Intelligent 3D works

So how does it work? In every terminal operation, numerous inefficiencies occur, such as traffic, bottlenecks and planning delays. To put it simply, TOPX Intelligent takes these problems and re-plans, re-routes and re-assigns until it produces an optimized execution plan with little to no inefficiencies. 

Moreover, the system has predictive and preventative capabilities that will ensure that problems will be solved before they even occur. This can all be visualized in the digital twin display that will show exact how your yard looks in the current moment. Moreover, the display can also how execution is expected to look in the future, allowing you to optimize planning. Finally, data will be outputted to a number of charts that will outline the performance of your terminal and what areas can be improved. Altogether, theses features can improve terminal performance in ways that no other system can.

Integrate with any existing TOS

Due to our superior architecture and design, TOPX Intelligent 3D can now be integrated with any existing TOS! Our developers and team at RBS have designed a method that allows TOPX Intelligent 3D to be easily and safely integrated into any terminal’s system. This method was designed to minimize the risks, time, and disruptions to a terminal’s operation. As seen below, the idea is keep the foundational TOS, customized modules, and database the same. TOPX Expert and TOPX Intelligent 3D then simply link to the existing database to take care of all your operational tasks. This keeps the process clean and simple so that the terminals can enjoy the benefits of TOPX Intelligent 3D without worry.

The benefits of this integration structure are:

  • Minimum change to the current TOS
  • No disruption to the current working processes
  • Fastest possible implementation
  • All the benefits, features and performance of TOPX Intelligent 3D

Interested in TOPX Intelligent 3D?

We are looking forward to discussing your next project.