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Why should any terminal miss out on a full Terminal Operating System (TOS)?

Every terminal of any size needs a reliable TOS to power their operations.

This is the first Terminal Operating System (TOS) entirely on the Cloud – the most advanced and reliable TOS for the Container Handling Industry now can be accessed with just a web browser! TOPS Expert Cloud offers a full suite of terminal management capabilities, few of the main ones are:

  • Operations Optimization

    Planning achieves maximum efficiency and accuracy by using real-time data which facilitates operation streamline.

  • EDI Information Management

    Effectively interprets all EDI to ensure all planning is executed with accuracy and precision.

  • Vessel Planning & Management

    Everything included from planning to executing is covered in Vessel Management; prior to vessel arrival as well as after its departure.

  • AI Berth Planning

    Automatically solves the most complex planning issues to streamline the process and mitigate all chances of errors.

  • CHE Automation

    Successfully interfaces with ARTGs, ASCs, ARMGs, AGVs, STS, etc. in true real-time to always perform optimally.

  • Rail Operation Management

    Efficiently manages all types of rail operations within a terminal from the initial construction and scheduling to planning.

  • Container Information Management

    Handles masses of data within a sophisticated system architecture, ensuring that security, efficiency, and reliability is reinforced at all times.

  • Yard Planning & Management

    Yard strategy incorporates intelligence and real-time automatic planning to facilitate precise container allocation.

  • Berth Management

    Automatic planning resolving the most complex issues inconceivable by the human brain achieves berth optimization and reduces congestion.

  • CHE Management & Optimization

    Expert CHE strategy incorporates intelligence and real-time processing to facilitate optimization, equipment planning, dispatch, and control.

  • Truck & Gate Management

    Effectively maintains all in-gate and out-gate truck operations, providing coverage in all truck movements and the containers processed.

  • Chart Statistics

    Measure performance and heighten operational visibility to ensure terminal objectives are closely monitored and are always met.

  • Reporting Tools

    Create reports via a standard interface including the report server and dynamic report designer.

  • Web Service Interface

    Seamlessly integrates with any third-party software and offers a full interface setup that connects to financial-, billing-, customs-systems, etc.

  • DGPS Interface

    Integrates with DGPS seamlessly, enabling real-time processing to heighten precision and accuracy when CHEs execute work instructions.

  • E-Learning

    Online learning resources provide greater accessibility which facilitates training for complete TOS control.

  • GOS Interface

    GOS interface automatically verifies pre-authorized vehicles which mitigate congestion and increases overall operational efficiency.

  • Reefer Monitoring System

    Monitor and manage reefer container conditions all in one TOS without any additional interfaces.

Furthermore, the TOPS package also includes a management information dashboard and a monitoring tool, together with the fully integrated TOPS KPI functionality. The TOPS Expert Cloud package covers the entire operational spectrum, as it is derived from the components, TOPX Expert Cloud (operation system) and TOPO Expert Cloud (foundation system).


Start experiencing more with less.


Pay-as-you-go, as there is no capital expenditure (CAPEX) since we host your TOS on the cloud.

Scalable and extremely secure. As your business grows, we automatically update your infrastructure worry-free.

Let us handle the quick installation and start experiencing the benefits of TOPS Expert Cloud instantly.​

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The benefits are limitless.

It includes all benefits of TOPS Expert Enterprise product

Lower Cost

Extremely affordable due to no infrastructure CAPEX in the minimal amount of servers, hardware, maintenance, and support required when moving to a Cloud-based software.

Seamless Integration & Rapid Deployment

Reduce implementation time by switching to a Cloud-based software, with minimal training and setting up required.

Easily Scalable for Business Growth

The pay-as-you-go structure allows users the flexibility to increase infrastructure capacity relative to their level of growth, achieving economies of scale.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Users are granted access to view and manage data from anywhere at any time on any device as long as an internet connection is present.​

Seamless Updates

With the Cloud, RBS can provide customers with new updates when there is a new feature at no additional costs.

Efficient Disaster Recovery

Your data remains safe and secure as it is continuously backed up on our AWS servers, so in the event of a disaster your data can be retrieved from our servers.

Proven TOS Solution

This cloud software is based on our proven TOPS Expert solution used to operate numerous terminals around the world to produce real results.

Reliable Customer Service

Our trustworthy team at RBS will be with you every step of the way, providing 24/7 support and maintenance.

Lower Risk

The lower costs of adoption and no lock-in contract, cloud computing reduces the risk expense for your business.

Data is Safe & Secure

The combination of strict ISO standards, policies, firewalls, compliance requirements, and control activities enforced by both RBS and the cloud service provider enhances information security and encryption to keep your data away from harm.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Moving your entire IT infrastructure onto the cloud eliminates the amount of on-premise hardware needed. As a result, energy usage significantly drops which mitigates your impact on the environment.

Increased Control

The sophisticated software operates on a private cloud, providing maximum control by tracking every movement of a container through a marine terminal and allowing customers to choose the resources they want.

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