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Your terminal may be in a constant hustle and bustle, yet your move cost are unusually high. Do not confuse busy terminal activity with efficiency. 

Introducing a low resource-intensive alternative, SmartTrack is an incredible tool factoring time, distance, and speed to determine the best route to move a container from one location to another. 

The new, better, and greener way to solve inefficiency

Container handling equipment is typically given hundreds of work instructions daily and is also presented with hundreds of route possibilities to reach their assigned destination. They tend to waste mass amounts of fuel as a result of travelling more than necessary, costing terminals a hefty price. SmartTrack is designed to eliminate the indefinite route possibilities with its intelligent technology and offer a controlled environment, so congestion can be void. Congestion is one of the most significant contributors to enormous financial and environmental losses every year, robbing container terminals of the results they deserve.

Benefits of SmartTrack

Increases Efficiency

Calculates the optimum route for equipment to move containers within the shortest distance, and provide precise directions to reach the destination, achieving maximum productivity of all CHEs.

Cost Efficient

SmartTrack protects CHEs against wear and tear, maintaining their value, and reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Optimum Performance

SmartTrack maps the best and shortest path, tracking all CHE moves and time taken to complete a path. Therefore, achieves complete traceability to pinpoint when and where a problem can occur and resolve it immediately.

Environmentally Sustainable

Massive savings from lessened fuel consumption due to optimum route calculation, which also lowers carbon emissions. SmartTrack is a huge step towards greener terminals.


No leeway for error or miscalculation since route incorporates every factor from time, speed to distance.

Increases Safety

SmartTrack tracks movement in real-time, alerting the CHE operator counteractive directions needed to get back on the correct path. Eliminates all guessing, decreasing the amount of accidents from occurring.

Controls Congestion

All CHEs operating in the yard execute the most optimum work instructions. SmartTrack determines and forecasts exact areas experiencing bottlenecks which assists in the yard and resource planning.

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