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We put in the effort to ensure success for all our customers.

Behind every TOPS Terminal Solution, RBS offers services to improve the efficiency of operations for our valued customers. We provide a range of services to ensure the highest level of operational excellence possible. No matter if your terminal size, RBS treats all its customers equally and can provide all these services according to your terminal needs. Our trustworthy customers care team helps us to provide these premium services which cater to different customer needs.

Our Customer Care team at RBS is always ready to help. You will not be talking to a remote hired call center. Our in-house support team at RBS are experienced personnel who can be contacted through telephone or email. RBS has regional offices worldwide with a customer care team within each region, including application support specialists. Our regional offices in Germany, Brazil, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia can handle issues relating to the service and ticket pipelines while our head office in Australia handles deeper analysis issues and can supply fixes and new releases to customers. During a project, we can provide on-premise and off-premise support such as gap analysis and on-site go-live support.

At RBS, we know that every terminal is different, so our software is adaptable and can be customized to suit individual customer needs. Therefore, in the case of the first approach to implementing the TOS is not applicable; we are ready to develop a solution specifically for you. The way we designed our software allows us to customize modules easily to create the perfect TOPS package for you that works both cohesively and coherently.

At RBS we work closely with our customers to ensure that all stakeholders involved understand the software and know how to use it to achieve optimal process efficiency within their terminal. During the implementation process, we train key users to handle and administer our TOPS system, allowing them to harness control over every capability. We provide training through:

  • Process and System training
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Direct Training On-Site
  • E-learning
  • Online help documents
  • Detailed User Manuals
  • Installation & tech training
  • Emulation driven training (With partners)
  • Re-training of staff in new modules

RBS is with our customers every step of the way, right from the very beginning. We are committed to making it a seamless process by fully managing your TOS project and implementing every aspect from A to Z. Our implementation processes are created to mitigate risk and minimize time to delivery. We tailor our services to the different needs of each customer to deliver the best service and product for your success. We can provide implementation services such as:

  • Software & Hardware installation
  • Data conversion
  • On-premise go-live support
  • Project Management
  • IT Infrastructure advice
  • Preparation & Training

Need new modules, no worries.
RBS has been in the industry for over 27 years, and our TOPS Terminal Solution provides a wide range of modules that can be added to your package. If your terminal needs new modules, our flexible software and experienced software developers can design, create and add a new module to your TOPS package through specific change requests.

We provide testing services to show you that our software is the most advanced and powerful TOS in the industry. We assign a QA team and testing manager to examine the software before implementation, making sure the software is ready for deployment. In the testing services, we can supply test management, test data provisioning, and test support itself. Alongside our partners, we can also assist you with emulation driven testing. We pride ourselves on our unique software architecture and exemplary testing services as it will help you develop business cases which prove our software is to be used in all situations.

Our TOPS Expert Software is designed to be scalable as your business grows, with state-of-the-art software architecture. However, we know that not every software is perfect, so we greatly value customer feedback to improve and upgrade our software to the next level. We follow industry developments and trends to make upgrades available to our customer. At RBS we offer low-risk and straightforward software upgrades to provide our customers with the best experience possible, and for our customers to remain competitive in the market. We also have a support tool ticketing system for customers to report issues and bugs related to our software, which can be sent through a dedicated support email. Our teams worldwide would then help your terminal resolve the issue, to help you return to your daily operations as quickly as possible.

RBS has developed an advanced terminal operating system that helps terminals optimize their operations to achieve maximum operational efficiency. Processes such as berth planning, vessel planning, and yard planning can be optimized using advanced software features. Along with a combination of RBS services of training, customization, and implementation, RBS TOPS Expert Enterprise and Cloud, is designed to help customers achieve maximum success. So, we are ready to take up your terminal to conduct a TOS audit and develop together with you a better strategy in the TOS to solve your challenges. Also, at this stage, we can include emulation and simulation solutions from our partners to acquire a third-party view of the processes.

The initial employment process may involve tasks or maintenance that are external to a terminal operator’s capabilities or current resources. Do not fret as our dedicated team from the regional offices together with our headquartered services have professional project managers helping you experience a smooth implementation. At RBS, we pledge to serve our customers with quality services which are offered by our:

  • GAP Analysis and Scoping
  • Preparation and Training
  • Risk Management
  • Resource and Budget Planning
  • IT Infrastructure Advice

At RBS we can also modify our software to interface with third-party products. We can provide on-premise integration with other processes and other terminals in the port, as our solution has been developed as an open platform for the industry. We can manage the standard EDIFACT exchange, but we also know that integration these days requires much more from a TOS and an implementation project. We are always ready to manage your integration into the RBS TOPS system either through our own interfaces such as the open data web-services platform or by using a third-party solution to integrate your IT environment.