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Dry Port/Inland/
Intermodal Terminal

One system. All the capabilities.

Customizing a TOS fit to your terminal requirements has never been easier. TOPS Expert is the perfect dry port/inland/intermodal solution, offering planning and control capabilities which empower your operations.

An Inland or Dry Port is a connected with other port terminals through rail, barge or truck services that has been built or expanded, with an array of logistical activities supporting and organizing the cargo/container be transited. This is usually co-located with intermodal terminals.

Intermodal freight terminals play a key role in multimodal transport. The transit time through these terminals represents one of the most relevant bottlenecks in logistic chains. They are using multiple modes of transportation (rail, vessel, and truck) without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes (no value added services).

An intermodal terminal management system, which is typically a TOS, supports terminal operators to manage their terminal efficiently and cost-effective, e.g. from operational planning by loading/unloading trains and trucks as well as vessels, running the gate operation and managing the storage of cargo/containers in the yard, etc. Apart from the waterborne (sea and inland waterways), air transport can also be integrated within an intermodal freight terminal.

The intermodal terminal management system is not only responsible for all operational planning processes. It also helps to reduce damages and losses by cargo being transported faster and congestion of terminal flows being prevented. The overall terminal capacity and terminal performance are increased.



Container Data Management

Truck Planning & Scheduling


Yard Management, Consolidation, Planning & Scheduling

Equipment Contol

Truck Operation & Management

Rail Operation & Management


Case Study: ODP Dry Port


  • October Dry Port (ODP) just open in January 2023 in Cario Egypt
  • ODP is the first Dry Port in Egypt
  • Goal of the terminal was to Implement a TOS that can handle their complex environments with high-performance, rail handling and other services
  • For more information visit ODP website


  • TOPX Expert Cloud – TOPO and TOPX on the Cloud
  • TOPS Expert Billing 


  • RBS TOS provides a seamless real-time interface with Seamless process implementation on the Cloud.
  • TOPS Billing module allows for billable activities being automatically recorded, and largely automated invoices are generated
  • Cloud TOS contributes to decarbonization and helps reduce CO2 emissions

Case Study: SMELTE Klaipeda Terminal

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