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Dry Port/Inland/Intermodal

Everything you need in one

One system. All the capabilities.

Customizing a TOS fit to your terminal requirements has never been easier. TOPS Expert is the perfect dry port/inland/intermodal solution, offering planning and control capabilities which empower your operations.

Modules for dry port/inland/intermodal solution

The power you have.

The TOS already comes with the following modules, offering incredible and smart technologies to control dry port/inland/intermodal operations.

  • Container Handling

    • EDI message handling
    • Full Container
    • Empty Container
    • Reefer Container
    • Transshipment Container
    • Stuff and Strip Container
    • TOS can handle up to 100M TEUs per terminal

  • Yard Management

    • Yard Editor
    • Yard Planning
    • Expert Yard Management
    • Reverse Engineering Yard Strategy
    • Yard Optimization
    • Planning Consolidation
    • Yard Auto Consolidation

  • Equipment Control

    • Advanced Equipment Control (EC)
    • Equipment Operations and Statistics (RTG, STR, RMG, RST, HHT)
    • CHE Automation (ARTG/ASC/ARMG/AGV, etc.)
    • Automated Equipment Control (EC)
    • Expert CHE Strategy
    • CHE Strategy Optimization
    • WI Optimization
    • SmartTrack</

  • Truck Operations

    • In/Out Gate
    • Truck Delivery/Receival
    • Truck Appointment
    • Vehicle Booking System (VBS)
    • Gate Operating System (GOS)

  • Rail/Train Operations

    • Rail Operational Management
    • Rail Planning and Scheduling
    • Rail Editor
    • Train Maintenance
    • Train Enquiry forms

Additional Recommended Modules

The flexibility you need.

Today's Terminal Operator wants the flexibility to build their own solution. Create the TOS that fits your objectives and requirements.


    • Container Handling Equipment (CHE) Performance
    • Discharge/Load Operations
    • Yard Activity
    • Truck Activity

  • TOPS Optional Modules

    • Container Freight Station (CFS)
    • Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)
    • Reefer Monitoring Integration
    • Report Server & Report Designer
    • More TOPS Optional Modules

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