TOPS Expert allows for easy monitoring and control of Reefer Containers.

TOPS-REFCON interface software communicates with the REFCON system supplied by EMERSON Climate Technologies. Reefer container temperatures must be checked and recorded from time to time. They must also be plugged in if they are to be stored in the yard for a considerable period and need to be unplugged before being moved. TOPS-REFCON interface was developed to automatically exchange reefer container information between TOPS and the Reefer Monitoring System and is based on a message set provided by EMERSON Climate Technologies. The exchange of message is in a two-way flow:

  • TOPS continuously receives live temperature data for the reefer containers being monitored by REFCON in the reefer stands and also administrative requests from REFCON
  • REFCON continually receives messages from TOPS administrative details for the reefer containers located in the REFCON monitored reefer stands