Want to cut costs and increase efficiency? Witness extraordinary results with our Automation ready TOPS Expert solution.

Automation has proved to be necessary for container terminals to achieve more efficient operations and increased productivity. The challenge to be ahead of the market in the wake of the rapid deployment of larger ships, taller cranes and larger call sizes has never been easier. Don’t fall behind and be a part of the currently fully automated terminals around the globe with TOPS Expert. It’s flexible and widely scalable nature has developed a high reception as it can cater to any level of automation, and be applied to a partially or fully automated terminal.

Revolutionize your terminal today with our Automation ready TOPS Expert Solution

The automation function has been integrated into a spectrum of operations and processes on a planning level, real-time scheduling level, execution level, and equipment level. This intelligent automation functionality also enables CHEs such as ASC, ARMG, ARTG, AVG, STS, etc., to automatically adapt to dynamic situations which optimize performance and output. The automation in the TOPS Expert software allows TOPX to communicate directly with the equipment to perform the container movements without any human intervention. Devices that are also automated using TOPS Expert solution include GOS, OCR, Reefer Monitoring, etc. which aims to cut labor costs as human intervention is heavily reduced. The smart solution also works closely with CAMCO Technologies to provide terminals with gate automation for trucks, trains, and vessels whereby access control, yard interchange and position detection systems are implemented to detect as well as identify all incoming and outgoing traffic.

RBS Automation Achievements

41 Quay Crane Moves Per Hour

for ASC Terminal

6,300,000 TEU Handles

by TOPS Expert Automation

39 Quay Crane Moves Per Hour

for ARTG Terminal

Automation is just the beginning of RBS TOPS Expert…