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Experience efficiency in the form you never knew you needed with TOPS Report Designer. This recently developed application offers you the power to fully customize reports from the TOPS database, using an intuitive user interface. It is as easy as dragging and dropping selected fields to create a report to your desire. The dynamic reports are generated from predefined data sets and can be previewed, printed and exported in various file formats.

LAN Version

This is a standalone TOPO Expert application that allows the user to create customizable reports from the TOPS database. This version is only available for TOPS Expert Enterprise and has all the functionalities and benefits of the report designer.

WAN Version

The newest version of report designer enables you to create fully customized reports from the TOPS database through web services. This version has more power as it allows the users to schedule, control and create visually appealing reports, from any device with a web browser.

Benefits of TOPS Report Designer

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Each customer may need to be invoiced for different things. TOPS Report Designer allows you to accommodate to any of your customer's specific requirements with ease.


Freely design your own report layout with pre-defined data sets already presented for you. Design capabilities are enhanced with the several intuitive and easy-to-use tools.

Increased Control

You are in complete control to customize and create the report(s) that suit your and/or your customer's requirements. Your reports are no longer limited to a standard format.


TOPS Report Designer can create multiple sub-reports within a single report, as opposed to issuing multiple single reports. Automatically schedule your reports and set the required charges, e.g. every month, every quarter, etc.

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