Discover enhanced efficiency and improved results with our TOPS Vehicle Booking System (VBS). The VBS is a component of the TOPO WEB suite of applications used to control the flow of trucks and containers through a terminal. The system focuses on determining the correct flow of trucks into the terminal throughout the day on any day of the week. This is done by dividing the day into many ‘time slots’ each of a specific period (say 1 or 2 hours) than allowing a fixed number of containers to be processed in each time slot.

The purpose of TOPS VBS is to spread the flow of trucks through the day to avoid the potential mass arrival of trucks during peak periods, which can lead to long truck queues outside the terminal causing traffic jams in the terminal’s vicinity. Disruption to the local community and discontent it creates in the trucking community due to the downtime and lost revenue ensues as a repercussion of traffic jams. Therefore, it is vital to integrate a reliable VBS to sustain heightened truck turnaround time.

From the truck bookings made, the terminal can make accurate forecasts to have sufficient gangs and equipment available to service the expected truck movements efficiently. This controlled flow of trucks through the terminal also optimizes the terminal’s use of its resources. Your terminal deserves only optimal levels of efficiency so don’t miss out on our TOPS VBS. Try it now.