DGPS has taken advantage over the Internet of Things to transform the way containers enter and depart the terminal. Why wait? Revolutionize your terminal now.

Containers stored temporarily by the use of visual means and are manually confirmed, lead to an error rate in the storage handling, compromising the efficient turnover time of the container ships. To counteract these implications, Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS) are used to avoid misplacement of container/s, help with equipment routing, and optimize dispatch of WI. It operates by sending lift and set down messages to the TOPX RTG (EC) application, enabling the automatic steering of particular vehicles and cranes, hence providing greater control and accuracy of the positioning and documentation of containers within the terminal.

The features of the DGPS are:

  • Picking a container: the system can verify if the correct container has been picked
  • Placing a container: the system can verify if the container has been placed in the correct planned location if not, it can commence a dialogue with the operator for exception handling
  • Does not rely on CHE operator confirming container location (which is often incorrect)
  • Automatically records when CHE operator completes a move
  • Absolute correct container locations