The Most Advanced Terminal Operating System for the Container Handling Industry

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Terminals are the critical drivers in the global supply chain and hence, is integral in driving and sustaining a country’s economy. Therefore, the increasing importance of terminals in the process of globalization proposes the need for terminals to implement a reliable solution to operate at optimal productivity and efficiency levels. RBS TOPS solution has been operating terminals worldwide, for over 27 years in the Container Handling Industry. With the most advanced proven solution, RBS TOPS has handled over 24 million TEUs with a sophisticated Terminal Operating System and premium services to optimize all terminal operations holistically. Because Your Success is Our Commitment.

This brand-new product based on TOPS Expert is the first ever TOS to be fully operational on the Cloud. It offers a full suite of terminal management capabilities and is the most price effective, advanced, and reliable TOS for the Container Handling Industry. Terminals of all sizes are guaranteed instant results with this new infrastructure, especially with the pay-as-you-go model which contributes to higher revenues while lowering costs.

As a result of consolidated feedback, experience, and new ideas, RBS has developed the next version of its terminal operating System (TOS), ‘TOPS Expert’ – the new version comes around with a lot of new functions and new automatic features.

The foundation system is available as part of the TOPS Expert Cloud and TOPS Expert Enterprise package. This system will provide terminals with the possibility to automatically receive and manually manipulate information.

TOPX is the only real-time graphical container planning, monitoring, and control system available on the market and has completely transcended all limitations by offering all its functionalities in the cloud.

TOPS KPI dashboard is a remote management and data analysis and mining tool. It allows the terminal management to analyze the current performance of their terminal at any time and in real-time and to also view its past performance.

One of the most recognizable TOS in the container handling industry that changed the way terminals were managed and operated through the decades. The TOPS package – with the components TOPX (operation system) and TOPO (foundation system) – has been designed to fulfill the entire operational spectrum.

TOPS Expert Special Modules

Your Success, Our Commitment

RBS has been in the Container Handling Industry for over 27 and has worked closely with our customers to ensure all requirements are fulfilled to achieve efficient business processing and optimal efficiency. We believe that an efficient terminal relies on the people behind the operations. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing implementation, training, support, and other services to help terminals perform the highest level of operational excellence possible. We are committed to creating success for all our customers through our services and products.

Along with our premium services, we offer quality software to provide an integrated solution for our customers. Our trustworthy customer care team at RBS will be with you every step of the way, providing 24/7 support with the following services:

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