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At RBS we specialise in providing the world’s best Terminal Operating System and related container management softwares. A Terminal Operating System, otherwise known as a TOS, is at the essence of the supply chain fuelling globalization. Primarily, a TOS is a powerful system connecting all areas of a terminal and offers a full scope of capabilities to ensure operations are planned accurately and executed efficiently. Our state-of-the-art TOS provides complete control, planning, and monitoring functionalities to achieve performance fulfilled in the form of optimized operations and resources.

RBS has a large focus on its customers and has spent an incredible amount of effort and investment in Research and Development in order to create value for its customers.

By listening and adapting to customers’ needs, RBS has been able to develop the latest products called TOPS Expert and TOPS Expert Cloud, in order to fulfill the growing demand of its customers and to further cater for future requirements.



RBS will always be committed to your success

Multiple terminals implemented across 6 continents worldwide

Tens of Millions of TEUs are operated by our TOS every year!


Throughput & Productivity

TOPS true real-time architecture ensures the most up-to-date data is used to make decisions. All equipment exercising optimum instructions allows for a higher container move turnover rate, and hence, more profitable operation.


TOPS enables any terminal to do more with less by incorporating various “true automation” features, streamlining the planning process and enabling automated optimization of container moves. We help you work smarter not harder.


TOPS is built on a highly advanced infrastructure, designed to perform with responsiveness and withstand any workload or system demand. It is a highly stable and reliable system which is necessary for a mission-critical system at any terminal.

Customer Service

TOPS provides instantaneous access and efficient record management of all container movements throughout the terminal, increasing productivity as well as enhancing the delivery of services to your customers. We always have your interests and values, driving the core of our operations.

Increasing Revenue

TOPS single server infrastructure enables shared- and in-memory which accelerates data processing, granting greater control for better decision-making. These decisions are reached within a shorter time frame, resulting in a faster task completion rate, and hence, drives higher ROI.


A powerful feature of TOPS is being configurable to operate multiple terminal locations. It is scalable as it can run small terminals and also those with expanding operations. Its connectivity allows it to be connected with any peripheral devices required by the terminal.


We are looking forward to discussing your next project.


Mr. Doddy Feryanto
CIO Central Java Region

Thank you, RBS, your product, and services provided are unparalleled, and we have yet to witness better.

W. D'Haeseleer

I really appreciate the RBS project approach and last but not least the fast and accurate support service.

Mr. Akira Kurita
Director TCIT

Thank you RBS for your many years of hard work, and we hope to continue to work with you.

Chang Fa Wei
General Director

The system has helped us to improve the operation and growth month by month and reach the productivity record.