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Terminals are the critical drivers in the global supply chain and hence, is integral in driving and sustaining a country’s economy. Therefore, the increasing importance of terminals in the process of globalization proposes the need for terminals to implement a reliable solution to operate at optimal productivity and efficiency levels. RBS TOPS solution has been operating terminals worldwide, for almost three decades in the Container Handling Industry. With the most advanced proven solution, RBS TOPS has handled over 36 million TEUs (since 2019) with a sophisticated Terminal Operating System and premium services to optimize all terminal operations holistically. Because Your Success is Our Commitment.

TOPO Expert

We challenge conventional data management with this incredible user-friendly foundation system that allows you to automatically receive and manually manipulate information. It is included in TOPS Expert package and is even available in the cloud.

TOPX Expert

We transform the ordinary TOS functionalities and features by integrating innovative technologies into TOPX Expert to create the most powerful, true real-time graphical container planning, monitoring, and control system. It is included in TOPS Expert package and is even available in the cloud.


TOPS KPI dashboard is a remote management and data analysis and mining tool. It allows the terminal management to analyze the current performance of their terminal at any time and in real-time and to also view their past performance. 



RBS ensures that all their customers hold top priority which includes being provisioned with premium services, covering all types of needs. Scroll through to see the range of services offered but click read more for details on each service.