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DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System)

The increasing growth of international trade requires continuous improvements in terminal infrastructure and operational efficiency at container terminals and port facilities. Due to this development efficient container handling and equipment management, safety and increasing automation are playing essential roles.

Position detection systems are focusing on container position information systems, which are used by container terminals supporting the equipment (Straddles, RTG’s, RMG’s, Reach-Stackers, etc.) or the operator of container handling equipment when placing a container in the yard – using Global Positioning System (GPS) to automatically determine the geographical position of a container and/or equipment.

Assuming that every container move in the yard requires active participation from equipment and an engagement/release of twist locks, the precise location of any container pick-up/drop-off can always be determined by combining the equipment position fix with the twist lock activity signal.

This information keeps the TOS constantly aware of what is happening in the container yard – no matter whether the container moves following TOS instructions, are diverted from them or are completely unauthorized.

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