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Integrated Terminal Management System

An integrated shipping terminal management system is an IT system that manages marine terminal operations. It combines all the core functions of a terminal: gate activities, yard management, vessel operations (such as registration, berthing and pilotage), rail operation, general and dry cargo operations (such as load, discharge, internal movements and delivery, tracking of cargo, stuffing and de-stuffing of cargo) and related invoicing and statistical analysis.

A shipping terminal management system focuses on efficiently running a terminal by improving profitability, cutting costs, increasing productivity, minimizing errors, and optimizing resources.

The type of terminal can be a pure container terminal, a multi-purpose terminal or a classical universal terminal handling all types of cargo and commodities.

A shipping terminal management system is also known as a Terminal Operating System (TOS) or Terminal Management System (TMS), Marine Terminal Management System, which aims to control the movement and storage of various types of cargo within a terminal.

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