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CAMCO is a long-term project partner of RBS and is involved in their Gate solutions with OCR systems already implemented in several container terminals running the RBS TOPS software. Via an interface between the CAMCO system and the TOS (RBS TOPS), vehicle-related data is exchanged, and validation processes are executed. More specifically, RBS TOPS is responsible for all operations in authorizing when and where a truck can enter as well as leave the terminal, whereas CAMCO provides the facilities which verify and grants entry or departure, vice versa. Together, they operate in simultaneity to not only simplify but also garner increased control over numerous gate processes and sub-processes.

RBS has worked closely with CAMCO to deliver an integrated and automated Gate Operating System (GOS) for FOS2XL terminal in France. Due to RBS TOPS and CAMCO’s technologies (i.e., gate processes, kiosk screens, and other specific interfaces ) being both highly scalable and adaptable, a customer-specific solution was produced to support all gate related operations executed in FOS2XL terminal. The GOS implemented into FOS2XL replaced multiple administrational and physical checks. As a result, reduced monitoring over gate operations and processes such as making it possible to automatically process trucks entering (IN gate) and leaving the terminal (OUT gate) as well as record trucks at the Transfer areas, inherently contributes to the increased efficiency in the terminal’s operations.