TOPX is a true real-time graphical container planning, monitoring, and control system that is now available in the Cloud! Within the TOPS Expert Cloud package, TOPX is the Terminal Operation System. TOPX Advance has continuously been enhanced over the past decade using the most up-to-date computing technologies to develop the most recent TOPX Expert Enterprise and Cloud. It has been designed as a high performance, scalable and reliable graphical solution which has been continuously enhanced, utilizing the most up-to-date computing technologies. Similar to TOPO, TOPX uses a high-level graphical display in a well organized, intuitive GUI Windows, allowing users to define and customize colors and styles to their particular liking.

This sophisticated software tracks every movement of a container through a terminal. TOPX automatically manages the storage of containers in the terminal that are on the way to their final position, minimizing the number of re-handling moves while also ensuring the fast and convenient retrieval of containers. It not only supports the maintenance of containers but also facilitates the management of Vessels, Rail, Equipment Control, Yard, and Truck.

Yard Editor

The Yard Editor is included as an essential component of the TOPX application page and is utilized to draw and maintain the yard blocks as well as their physical layout in the terminal yard. RBS utilizes the Yard Editor to draw and maintain the yard for the client because it is only a one-off activity and needs to be correct to enable TOPX to work properly. The client is strongly recommended not to use the Yard Editor to maintain their yard, however, if the user insists they must understand exactly what to do.

TOPX offers a wide range of features including:

  • Vessel Operational Management
  • Rail Operational Management
  • Truck Operational Management
  • Expert Yard Management
  • Advanced Equipment control (EC)
  • Yard Editor
  • Security & Administration (feature)
  • Statistics and Reports
  • Multilingual support (feature)
  • Equipment operations and statistics
  • Vessel/Yard/CFS billing and invoicing
  • Reports (standard & customized)