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Green Port

A Green Port is a “port that invests and encourages in environmentally friendly and sustainable operations in all formats of the ports and maritime industry.”

Many ports are moving towards adopting new green technologies and low, zero-carbon alternatives to fossil fuels and power-intensive terminal equipment. Electrically-powered operations is a solution to reducing emissions by ports. Electrified zero-emission yard equipment (such as electric RTG cranes) are also used by some ports to reduce carbon consumption. Renewable fuels for vessels; cargo-handling equipment; or the storage, generation, and transportation as a business model are all areas where low and zero-emission fuels can make an impact in ports. Transporting goods by rail freight is a low-carbon alternative for the supply chain compared to fossil fuel-powered trucks in terminal yards. Digital investments into optimisation software, can make transformational differences for ports understanding its carbon footprint and how to reduce power consumption of all port stakeholders. These are just some of the options and technologies used by ports to strive towards a Green Port.

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