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Real-time Terminal Operating System

A real-time terminal operating system (TOS) provides the complete picture of what is occurring in real-time throughout port or terminal facilities.

Real-time data is available at any time without any delay for uploading and/or downloading data between server and client – including operations optimization; yard management; vessel management; berth management; crane allocation; container handling equipment management; gates management; user security and access controls; reporting; and interface to financial systems, radio data terminals, and GPS systems.

A real-time system is a completely integrated system that provides real-time information so that any activity performed by one user is immediately visible to all other authorized users within seconds.

It will not allow two planners to work with the same container, yet any number of planners can be working on the same vessel, yard or train. This differs substantially from not real-time products and eliminates possible confusion or duplication of efforts when multiple planners are involved.

Since the system provides real-time data, operational decisions can always be taken on the current situation of the terminal – without any time lag. Its real-time networked architecture allows all users to access the same information at the same time.

This enables the terminal management to make the right decisions based on the correct information based on “true data”.

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