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Vessel Planning

Vessel planning mainly involves planning, executing and monitoring the loading and discharging operations of vessels at a terminal/port.

The most important objective of vessel planning is to plan the vessel discharge and loading operations ensuring best stability and trim condition to the vessel, best productivity to the quay operation, safest operations for the terminal staff and smooth flow of traffic for the yard.

To ensure that vessels are turned around within its allocated port time, it is essential to pre-plan an efficient sequence of vessel operations and monitor closely the progress of operations. For marine safety, it is also critical that the discharging and loading activities are carried out in a manner, which ensures the stability of the vessel whilst alongside.

Nowadays, vessel planning is a core module of a state-of-the art terminal operating system (TOS). The application module plans the sequence of discharge/loading of container from/onto a vessel taking into consideration the ship structure and the stowage of containers on board the vessel.

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