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How it all started

Realtime Business Solutions (RBS) is a private company founded by Harry Nguyen in 1991. We opened our first office in Sydney, Australia and over the 27 years of working diligently in the Container Handling Industry, we have since grown to power over 35 terminals worldwide. RBS was able to withstand and prevail over the pool of well-established TOS providers in the market, despite starting as a one-person company. By delivering the only true real-time TOS on the market, we were able to achieve the impossible and prove all odds by landing our first contract with Evergreen’s main terminal in Taiwan, 1996. Now our team consists of over 200 professionals from our office and partners around the globe, expanding our offices into Europe (RBS EMEA UG), South America (T2S – Tecnologia), and Asia (PT. Primus Indonesia and RBSVN).

Throughout these many years, we have never deviated from our core values, adhering to delivering a second to none TOS. Our TOPS solution operates “in memory real-time” and is the most advanced solution for terminals of any size, handled in a single server. We focus on constant evolvement and are the pioneers in offering state-of-the-art software in conjunction with premium support services. We also believe working closely with our clients to address their requirements, goals, and vision, cultivates optimization and operational efficiency.

We spend extensive efforts in research which indicated a poor system infrastructure as the root cause of inefficiency in terminals. As a result, RBS developed TOPS Expert Cloud which operates in a single server, of a cloud-based, and real-time architecture. This solution works in parallel to our dedicated professional services which cover the full terminal spectrum. TOPS Expert Cloud is the first complete, real-time TOS available on the Cloud. The comprehensive and integrated TOPS solution has warranted breakthrough results as now we are operating over 36 million TEUs globally, including manual and automated terminals.