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IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is a global provider of wireless solutions that provide visibility aiming to improve efficiency and safety as well as security in industrial operating environments. Identec industry-specific solutions are based on a robust wireless network used by the world’s leading blue-chip companies in the Oil & Gas, Marine & Ports, Automotive and Mining & Tunnelling industries as well as in other harsh environments. Identec provides a variety of solutions for terminals including: DGPS, RFID, Gate automation, fleet manage and reefer automated monitoring.

RBS and Identec Solutions have worked with due diligence over the years to collectively deliver a holistic solution that reinforces optimal results for container terminals. More specifically, Identec’s Terminal Tracker PDS solution which is equipped with DGPS, interfaces with RBS TOPS to move containers with absolute accuracy and precision.

Terminal Petikemas Surabaya is the most recent terminal adopting this integrated and innovative solution. Identec’s PDS solution is incorporated into the Container Handling Equipment’s (CHE) which is controlled by TOPS to mitigate the misplacement of containers, assist with equipment routing, and optimize dispatch of Work Instructions (WI). RBS has designed TOPX RTG (EC) application to retrieve as well as interpret the lift and set down messages sent by the DGPS to enable the automatic steering of vehicles and cranes. Inherently, the Terminal Petikemas Semarang harnesses greater control and accuracy of the positioning and documentation of containers within the terminal.