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Marine Terminal System

A marine terminal system – by definition a Terminal Operating System (TOS) – is an essential tool within a marine terminal or port to manage and control the movement and storage of various types of cargo (container, break bulk/project cargo, liquid bulk, etc.)

The objective of a marine terminal system is to provide a set of computerized procedures to manage cargo, machines, and personnel within the facility to enable a seamless link to efficiently and effectively manage the facility.

A marine terminal system can manage all types of ports – container terminals, multi-purpose terminals as well as universal terminals or river terminals.

This kind of system is designed for marine terminals, and it incorporates all aspects of a terminal’s operation from the gate, to the yard and vessel. It covers, for instance, manual or automated yard and vessel planning, equipment control, billing and reporting as the main feature. The system should be able to get fully integrated with any third party sub-system or device and processes many forms of EDI messages.

Marine terminal systems can essentially be standalone systems, managed as a service or utilize cloud technologies.

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