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PT Prima Multipurpose Terminal in Kuala Tanjung, Indonesia (PTM)

Pelindo 1 has teamed up with the Port of Rotterdam Authority and DP-World to develop an integrated port – PT Prima Multipurpose Terminal in Kuala Tanjung, Indonesia (PTM). The multipurpose terminal has a 30,000 square metre dock and a 2.8 kilometre trestle for four truck lanes with a width of 18.5 meters. With huge investments of US$2.5 billion into the Multipurpose terminal, PTM adopted Konecranes’ Automated RTGs (ARTGs) for their operations, along with RBS TOPS Expert System to control and manage their operations. RBS TOPX Expert system is fully integrated with the Konecranes’ automation and works together to improve operational efficiency. The contract with RBS was signed in July 2018 and RBS TOPS successful Go Live was on 15/02/19. With its new automated equipment and integrated TOS, PTM has a positive outlook to achieve its goals for 2019 and years to come.

The implementation was done by RBS together with the local partner and in close cooperation with the customer. This setup bring the best value to the customer with local experience and the proven automation approach from RBS.

In this implementation the customer benefited from the experience and the proven solution of RBS together with Konecranes which is already implemented on other terminals. The approach to control the equipment from the TOS and talk directly to the equipment control system, PTM can gain all the benefit of a true real-­time system with the fast and efficient decision taking and dispatching. This has been proven extremely important in automated terminals, so that the TOS can react fast on operational interruptions.