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The Calling of Struggling Ports and Terminals

Resilience has driven a more profound interest in the Cloud TOS and Automation

All industry experts in the supply chain have been enduring significant hardship in this time of ordeal. However, this period has warranted many valuable lessons that will only drive resiliency and strengthen strategic plans. It is also crucial to note that given the crisis, the available pool of resources has depleted to meet the new level of demands, forcing ports and terminals to cultivate or make further adjustments to their strategy that will drive optimum performance.

Given the current and unprecedented circumstances, ports and terminals are struggling with lessened cargo flow and the reduced size of personnel. In response, the industry has investigated the potential of Cloud TOS and automation. 

A cloud environment that can support TOS users working from home without compromising security has taken a more profound interest. Strict quarantine social distancing measures have compelled port and terminal executives to realize this digital transformation previously dismissed. Similarly, automated CHEs will rise in the upcoming years to reduce costs and errors while maximizing return on investment. Therefore, we can anticipate a positive outlook on advancing technology as port and terminals become accepting of the Cloud TOS combined with automation.